Supported Living

In addition to our care for the elderly, Jane Care will provide all the same services to users of any age over 18 with learning difficulties, physical difficulties, illnesses or/and complex needs to enable them to lead normal and fulfilling lives at home whilst retaining independent control and decision making in their own hands as much as possible.

Care Needs Assessment

The care assessment is a protocol we have to do. This care needs assessment will be the involvement of yourself and those who are close to you.

We need to check about the following:-

  • Personal Care and Physical Well-Being
  • Family Involvement and Other Personal Social Contacts
  • Sight,Hearing and Communication
  • Continence
  • Mobility, Dexterity and Need for Disability Equipment
  • Mental Health and Cognition
  • Medication Requirements
  • Personal Safety and Risk
  • Specific Condition- Related Needs and Specialist Input
  • Social Interest, Religious and Cultural Needs
  • Preferred Method of Communication
  • Method of Payment
  • Access to Your Home
  • Security of Your Home
  • Safe Keeping of Keys and Codes
  • No Response Action

Information from the care needs assessment forms part of the Service User File so that care and support workers are aware of any special needs, the activities they are required to undertake and the outcomes to be achieved. Yours or your loved ones needs will be reassessed annually. However, if a carer or support worker reports changes to your care needs and circumstances, a reassessment of care needs can be undertaken if necessary.