Staff Training

The management of Jane Care will ensure that its services and delivery will be updated and appropriate to the quality level required by all its users and legislators by continually educating and training all its staff in all mandatory training including moving and positioning, first aid, administration of medicine, infection control, protection of the vulnerable, health and safety, food hygiene and management administration and control. Additional training initiatives will include the specialist requirements of dementia care, palliative care, peg feeding and spinal injuries. We  require all our staff to study and obtain the appropriate National Vocational Qualifications commensurate to their job requirements. The Jane Care staff work exceptionally hard and will always give their best efforts to make you or your loved ones feel safe and comfortable, do not hesitate to ask for extra help as the staff are trained to keep


All Staff and Carers employed by Jane Care have a duty to keep the clients information strictly confidential and to use it only for the proper purposes in accordance with the law and in particular the Data Protection Act of 1998. The client’s personal data held on computers or paper records may be reviewed as part of inspection and regulation process, including inspections working on behalf of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and authorized employees of local agencies with whom we have contracts, but only if the client’s care is provided by us on behalf of the local authority.  We will only disclose information with the client’s consent unless we are required to do so by law. The client’s personal folder will be stored in a locked cabinet and they have the right to see any personal data that we hold about them. Any personal confidences the client shares with their carer will be treated with respect ensuring that their privacy and dignity are maintained. All Jane Care employees are given training in confidentiality and are aware of when it is appropriate to share information. Breaches of confidentiality are dealt with under our disciplinary procedure.

Compliments and Complaints

You will be issued with a copy of a complaints procedure as part as yours or your loved ones care plan and will be told how to comment on any aspect of the service. All comments including complaints will be recorded and placed in yours or your loved ones file and a copy will be held in the registered manager’s complaints and compliments file. We learn from each and every complaint to help you and the future service users. All comments will be taken seriously, investigated thoroughly and will be open and honest.

All feedback will help us improve!