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Carers will be expected to provide help and support in any of the following tasks/activities to enable you to remain safe, comfortable, secure and independent in your own home. This will be achieved by carers making personal visits at agreed times to meet your needs. Visits can vary in length from 30 minutes up to an hour or more. These can be more than 1 visit a day covering 7 days a week. We can also provide a day sitting service or night sitting service and also sleep overs.


We will help you maintain and hopefully improve your social life outside your home. We can provide the transport and accompany you on all social and cultural activities such as visits to Church, entertainment events, dining out, going to the pub, dances and many more. Whenever an outside trip is required, for example a doctor or hospital appointment, we will complete the arrangements and provide the transport for you to make sure you are safe and comfortable.

We employ carers who are totally dedicated to their jobs and are of a compassionate and caring nature . This adequately qualifies them to be admirable companions and conversationalists so we encourage you to use them as such.


We can help you maintain, improve and even re-establish contacts with your friends and relatives outside of you home and assist you with holiday arrangements in the UK and aboard. We can reduce your worries over your pets too by arranging regular exercise, dog and cat sittings and visits to the vet.


We provide assistance with personal care tasks such as:- Washing/ Showering, -Shaving, -Oral Care, -Dressing/Undressing, -Toileting/Continence Care, -Catheter Care, -Prompting Medication, -Assistance with Getting In/Out of Bed. When providing this care package we make every effort to preserve your dignity and privacy at all times and will encourage you to be as self-caring as your condition allows.


This is the other services like:- Making or Changing your Bed, -Emptying and Washing Commodes, -Shopping, -Paying Service Bills, -Collecting Pensions, -Assistance with Laundry and Ironing, -Preparing Meals, Cooking and help feed if necessary, -Cleaning and Vacuuming in order to maintain a safe environment, -Escorting to appointments, shopping or social activities, -Dog Walking, -Cleaning of Cat Litter and Light Gardening.